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An Important Message from Therapeion

December is a magical month for most of us. The calendar year is winding down. School at every level is out for a while. We have all sorts of holidays this month: Christmas, Chanukah, Festivus, Kwanzaa, New Year's Eve, Hogmanay, and more. (We especially enjoyed celebrating National Cupcake Day on December 15th!) Some of us get to reunite with far-flung family and friends, perhaps exchange a few gifts, reflect on the past year, and make some plans for the year to come. A few of us even enjoy some fruitcake!

Undoubtedly, amidst the cheer, you have been receiving all manner of reminders and solicitations from worthy (and perhaps a few not-so-worthy) causes. After all, December 3rd was the National Day of Giving, and the tax year ends on December 31st. Plus, if we consider the spirit of giving for the season, this seems to be a prime time to ask for help.

Amidst those solicitations, you may have seen our requests from Therapeion. Our fundraising for 2019 is behind where we hoped it would be, so our Pony Up campaign was launched to close the gap. If you responded with a donation -- thank you! We appreciate the generosity at this time of year. However, we're still seriously short of our annual needs by over $5000.

Soon, we will pass the Winter Solstice (December 21st), and the days will begin getting longer. In March, we will start our spring classes. Even though our classes aren't in session now, we still need to feed and provide care for the horses. The money we raise this month goes exclusively to one of two uses: care and feeding of our horses, and spring tuition scholarships for our riders who need them. No human associated with Therapeion gets any compensation from these funds. Therapeion TRC is a 501(3)c registered charity -- all our funds go to supporting our classes, and that includes food and care for Willy, Janice, the Dude, Duke, Flashy, Paco, Lyle, Tucker, and Hershey.

So, amidst your December activities, we encourage you to think about providing some support for Therapeion. We welcome sponsors of the horses or scholarships, as well as tax-deductible gifts of any amount via the Pony Up site. Every contribution, from $10 to $10,000, is valued and aids us in our mission of helping people with disabilities find healing in equine encounters. Please also encourage your friends and family to provide some support, too: if everyone who reads this contributes some plus gets one additional person to donate, we will reach our goal!

Whether you can contribute or not, we encourage you to visit our web site to keep up with news about Therapeion. And whatever you celebrate, and wherever you are, you have our warmest wishes to you and yours for the holiday season.

The Therapeion Board of Directors (and all the horses)

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