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And the Winner Is....

The 2nd Therapeion Derby has come to a close. It was nearly a photo finish!

Here are the final standings:

Team Paco 1st

Team Janis 2nd

Team Duke 3rd

Team Tucker 4th (tie)

Team Willy 4th (tie)

Team Lyle 6th

You can visit the Derby page for more info about the teams.

In reality, everyone who took part was a winner, with their combined efforts raising over $14,000 for Therapeion! That will help ensure that all our horses are fed through the end of the year and maybe a little beyond.

Everyone who participated will get a customized Therapeion Derby T-shirt. We also will be distributing an assortment of prizes donated by area merchants. We'd like to thank all these merchants for their support:


It is never too late to provide support for Therapeion -- visit our donation page for details on how you can help support our mission and be a winner, too!

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