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Fall Classes Have Been Cancelled

Therapeion’s mission is to facilitate the healing of body and spirit through the interaction between humans and horses. COVID-19 has made it impossible to be able to offer

healing services this fall without putting our riders, their families, our volunteers, and our staff at risk.

Therapeion’s Board and Program Director have made the very difficult decision to cancel our fall session. We know you put trust in us to help your riders. We want this to be a fun, healing experience for everyone involved, and that means avoiding foreseeable risks.

Most of our participants are under the age of eighteen. The numbers of children that are now COVID-positive is almost 12% of the general population. That number is probably underreported because many children do not get seriously ill so their symptoms are assumed to be something other than COVID, and many families are hesitating to have their sick children tested. The number of cases have been steadily increasing, too. We simply are unwilling to take chances with anyone’s health.

You can still see what is going on at Therapeion over the next few months as we utilize our FaceBook public page to post videos of our horses and staff.

Our Spring Session begins the middle of March and we are already looking forward to seeing everyone then.

Cancelling classes presents another financial setback to Therapeion, as we will not have any income over the fall from classes. The horses still need care and feeding, however. Therefore, if you are able, please consider making a (tax deductible) donation to Therapeion. Each of our horses costs around $400 a month for feed, board, farrier, and veterinary services. The generosity of our supporters will allow us to come back strong in the spring!

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