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Ideas for the Holidays

We're entering the season of holidays of various sorts. Here are two ideas of how you can get in the spirit of those holidays while helping Therapion.

First, if you aren't currently using Amazon Smile to donate to Therapeion, consider doing so before you start your holiday shopping binge! If you register with Therapeion and always visit Amazon via their Smile portal then a percentage of your purchases get donated directly to us. That's a wonderful, year-round way of giving -- and it is really painless!

For more details, visit the Amazon Smile info page. To get started, click the orange box in the upper right corner on that page that states -- wait for it -- "Get Started."

Second, if you are looking for one or more gifts that are beyond the usual, consider a gift of Therapeion. No, not the whole program -- a gift of sponsorship! You can provide a donation to Therapeion for either of three classes of sponsorship:

1. You can sponsor one of the horses. It costs Therapion $350 per month to maintain one of our therapy horses. Expenses include hay, grain, joint supplements, semi-annual vet checks, vaccinations, chiropractic care, emergency vet care, and hoof care. You can sponsor one or more horses for one or more months, at $350 each, and designate your preferred horse.

2. You can sponsor riders in one of our classes in 2020. Each class is priced at $40, and you can sponsor any number of classes. If you want to sponsor a rider for a whole session that would be 4 classes for summer ($160), 6 classes for spring ($240), and 8 classes for autumn ($320).

3. General support: Therapeion always has expenses for horses, riders, tack, and more. You can make a general donation of any amount greater than $25 that you wish.

Well, what's so "holiday" about a donation? Well, if you make a donation between now and January 1, 2020, you can specify an "honoree." We will send you a certificate acknowledging you (or Santa or...) as the giver in honor of the named individual. We won't include the donation amount on the certificate -- only the kind of gift (e.g. "3 months sponsorship of The Dude," or "A summer session scholarship for a rider" or "A general donation supporting Therapeion") .

(Oh, psst -- you don't have to tell anyone this, but your gift may be deductible from your taxes! Remember that Therapeion TTRC is a 501(3)c registered charity, so you get a little something from the gift other than that warm feeling of doing good for others.)

To take advantage of this, send us a check for the amount you want to give, along with a clear indication of what you are gifting and to whom. Be sure to include an email address where we can contact you and a return postal address. If you have questions about this, use our Contact page; our postal address is also given on that page.

So get in the holiday spirit and feel great about helping the Therapeion mission while doing so!

PS. Be sure to tell your friends about these possibilities. They might be looking for some great gift ideas, too!

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