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It's the Heat AND the Humidity!

It's summer again! July got off to a hot and humid start, so much so that we decided to cancel the first week of classes. As a center dedicated to healing, subjecting our students, instructors, volunteers, or horses to heat exhaustion or worse is not in our mission!

Subsequent to that, consulting the long-range forecast indicated that our stable area would be under a "heat dome" again in later July. That might mean cancelling classes

yet again. Therefore, we polled our students' families to see what they thought about moving the July classes to August. The vast majority gave that a definite yes!

Thus, we're going to have July classes in August. We may have one or two openings left, so if you are interested be sure to contact Libby. Thereafter, our August and September classes will occur as scheduled.

Stay safe out there -- both from the COVID-19 virus and from the heat!

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