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Join in the Fun! Therapeion Derby 2 Is Here!

Here's your opportunity to compete in a friendly way, have some fun, win some prizes, and support the continuing care and feeding of Therapeion's horses: Duke, The Dude, Flashy, Paco, Lyle, Tucker, Willy, Janice, and Hershey.

We all know about the regular Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing — the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, and the Belmont Stakes. You may also remember last year's first-ever Therapeion Derby.

For over a year now, COVID-19 has disrupted our lives. We've resumed Therapeion classes, and as people get vaccinated we hope things begin to return to normal. Outside, in the "real world," the Triple Crown has been scheduled. The Kentucky Derby will be held on May 1, the Preakness will be run on May 15, and the Belmont Stakes will be on June 5th.

Therapeion’s horses aren't the type of horses that can be raced -- they are much better for stable therapy riding. However, they are always ready to help our friends have a good time! That's why you — our extended Therapeion family — can take the horses on a special race -- The Therapeion Derby! Your mission is to get in the race to raise money for Therapeion. The team that raises the most donations to Therapeion between the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness wins!

What's more, this year we're going to allow teams of volunteers and friends of Therapeion to enter the race in addition to families of riders!


Prizes may include tuition gift certificates, merchandise from the Therapeion Zazzle store, and possibly gift certificates from some local merchants or cash prizes. Of course, winning teams (and horses) get bragging rights, too!

We will do our best to be sure everyone whose horse “crosses the finish line” (see below) gets prizes. We haven't quite determined the grand prizes, but once we see how many horses take the field we will do our best to ensure that everyone gets something from the experience! We'll also list the winners here on the website for the rest of the year.

(If you are able to donate items -- or willing to solicit items from local businesses -- that might serve as prizes please contact us!)

Note that the Therapeion horses also win in the Derby -- all contributions go to sustaining the horses during the year. Each horse costs over $400 a month for feed, stable fees, and veterinary expenses. Tuition from classes covers less than 20% of these costs.

See the official entry & rules page for more details. Act soon, as the deadline for registration is April 23rd!

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