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Pony Up for Therapeion!

We have launched an end-of-year fundraiser for Therapeion. You can visit it here: <>. This will run until the end of calendar 2019.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 to support scholarships for our riders and care for our horses. All of the money raised in this effort will go to those two needs.

Please visit the fundraiser and contribute. Then help us by sharing the link widely on your social media feeds. You can remind people of two things:

1) All deductions to Therapeion are tax-deductible!

2) Giving Tuesday is December 3rd, so they can contribute to Therapeion in the spirit of giving for that day.

Please join with us in support of the Therapeion mission of helping others.

And our best wishes to you and yours for Thanksgiving, and whatever other holidays you celebrate at this time of year!

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