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The Therapeion Derby 2020 Has Finished!

We told you about the Derby in an earlier post, and now the results are in!

All the participating teams did a fantastic job!   Give them (and the horses) a thunderous round of applause!

All the jockeys and trainers will get customized Therapeion T-shirts and 2021 Therapeion calendars in addition to other prizes, as listed below. (You can get your own T-shirts and calendars at our Zazzle store.). The horses will get some extra cookies.

In 1st place: Team Dude, with Ainsley as the jockey and Linda as the trainer.

Ainsley will receive a gift certificate for 12 class sessions at Therapeion -- a $480 value. Linda will receive a gift basket of goodies, donated by Kate’s Hair Expressions.

In 2nd place: Team Duke, with Michael as jockey and Ginny as the trainer.

Michael will receive a gift certificate for 8 class sessions, a $320 value. Ginny will receive a donated $25 gift card.

In a very close 3rd place: Team Lyle, with jockeys Makyla and Skyla, and trainer Gail.

Makyla and Skyla will share a gift certificate for 4 classes, a $160 value

However, the biggest gift is what they, as a group, was able to do for Therapeion.  They managed to raise $9,635 to feed all of Therapeion's horses over the winter, and to pay for necessary veterinary and farrier care!  That’s 3 months of support!   The horses will be particular grateful for that, especially once the snow starts to fly and they'll want to be fed indoors.

We all had fun with the Derby, so we're likely to do it again next year -- probably around May. If you're a client or volunteer with Therapeion we'll contact you with details how to enter. And if you are a supporter of what we do, we'll be sure to let you know how to help a horse along to the finish line!

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