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Two Easy Ways to Support Therapeion

You like what Therapeion does, and would like to support it. Maybe you have made a donation in the past or volunteered some time. If so, thank you! (If not, see our Donate page.)

But would you like to be an on-going supporter -- make regular contributions without actually having to write a check? It's simple! Some merchants have charitable giving pages, and you can link your account to them. Each time you make a purchase, a percentage is contributed by the merchant (no, you aren't charged for it)! If all our friends did this it could add up to some much-needed items for the horses!

Here are some merchants you might do this with:

Amazon* Go to and log in, if needed. You will be directed to a page with a charity selected by Amazon and a search field labeled “Or pick your own charitable organization”. Enter "Therapeion" and press the search button. Therapeion should come up as your choice. Press the select button and you're registered!

Thereafter, whenever you go to shop at Amazon, do it from the page rather than the regular Amazon page and you'll be making contributions! We suggest you bookmark the page so you remember to use it.

Payless Supermarkets*

First, get a Payless Plus Card if you don't already have one. You can get one at the customer service desk of any Payless Supermarket. Be sure to register it.

Next, go to If you don't already have an account, create one. Log in. Select the drop-down menu in the upper right, where your name is along with the little figure. Select My Account. On the left hand side of the next screen, select Community Rewards. Enter "Therapeion" or "WK527" into the search field, and when it comes up, click on the Enroll button. Next, select "Profile Information" in the menu on the left. On the next screen be sure your Plus Card number is entered into your profile.

Thereafter, whenever you shop at Payless and present your Plus Card, Payless will make a small contribution to Therapeion.

Semi-Bonus: Zazzle*

Visit and get some Therapeion-branded items. A small percentage of each purchase comes back to you-know-where! This is not a charitable donation from Zazzle, however, but a commission. Nonetheless, where else will you find a Therapeion calendar or coffee mug?

Know others?

If you know of any other merchants that have a similar program, let us know!


* Note: we are not endorsing any of these merchants for any particular purpose. We are grateful they have these programs in place, and appreciate any of you choosing to use these mechanisms to help fund Therapeion TRC.

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