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Waking from Hibernation!

Yes, we're still here. We've been quiet for a while, waiting for winter to pass. However, the horses are getting ready for spring, we're ramping up our scheduling of volunteers, and our spring classes start later this month!

The cover picture is of the brothers of Purdue's chapter of Beta Theta Pi fraternity.

They trooped out to Therapeion and spent a day cleaning tack, grooming horses, and helping us get ready for classes. Thank you all -- you're wonderful!


Speaking of help, we'd greatly appreciate some immediate help from our community (you) -- two things now, and one coming up:

First, Peterman's Heating/Cooling/Plumbing has an annual "Charity Showdown." The winner gets a nice contribution from the company. We're in the running! We'd appreciate your support: please visit their site before Sunday and vote for Therapeion! (We're in Division 2.). If we move on, we'll need your support in each of the next few weeks, too. Please visit, vote for us, and encourage friends and family to do the same!

Second, if you haven't already registered with Amazon and Kroger/Pay Less to have Therapeion as your non-profit partner, please do so. It's simple to do, costs you nothing and it can result in hundreds of dollars a year (or more!) in support for Therapeion.

Third, we're going to have Therapeion Derby 2 in a bit more than a month. (See here for details on the first derby.). If you're interested in being the "jockey" or "trainer" for one of the horses, let us know via email. We'll publish more details soon.


While we're at it, we'd like to publicly acknowledge the generosity of the Lafayette Daybreak Rotary for their donation. It went to get new, personalized halters and lead ropes for every member of our herd (a few are pictured here).


We hope all of you are well, stayed warm during the winter, and are looking forward to spring and summer. We greatly value all the support and care our community provides to us (and to the horses) -- thank you! Please reach out in the comments and let us know if you have any questions.

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