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What Your Donation Enabled

In previous posts we explained that our summer classes started, and after an unexpected break, will resume in August. Our clients were so excited to see the horses again! We are all -- horses, instructors, volunteers, and especially clients -- having a great time when classes are in session. For some of our clients, because of their health conditions and the current pandemic rules, visiting Therapeion is the only time they have been out of the house in months!

Our "Ponies versus the Pandemic" spring fundraiser raised $10,109. Some last-minute mailed-in donations took us to that point, taking us over 50% of our goal. We are so grateful to all our friends and supporters who contributed to help Therapeion! Donors who made an especially significant contribution are listed on the Sponsors & Donors page, and we invite you to take a look. (Hint, hint: You can get your own name up there if you make a qualifying donation; current donors can move up the ladder by donating again.)

We wanted to give you some idea of how your donations to the campaign are being used (some pictures below):

If you read the list carefully you will note that we did not raise enough to cover the feed or stable fees for the remainder of the year. We also don't have coverage for fees for veterinary care or farrier, our mandatory insurance, and some other miscellaneous costs. That all was the other 50% of what we were trying to raise. A little of that need will be covered by class tuition for the rest of the year, but we still have a large, unfunded need. Plus, we need to cover the first few months of 2021 as well.

You can help us make up the difference! Visit our donor page and make either a one-time donation or a recurring pledge. Currently, each horse costs us about $450 per month to stable and feed, pay for farrier and vet fees, insurance, and other costs; the minis (Janis and Willie) cost less, but the bigger horses (Duke and Dude) cost more. With 9 horses, that adds up! Your generosity helps us keep the horses healthy and ready to assist our clients.

You can also make a painless, on-going to Therapeion via some vendors gift programs. See our news item about that, or download our one-page guide to share with others.

Whatever you can do to help us continue to provide therapeutic equine encounters for our students will be greatly appreciated!

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