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Willy's Progress

Little Willy (Windmill Junction Boxcar Willy), dislocated his back left hip sometime in October. Willy is a miniature horse that is used during Therapeion's ground programs. While he is small in stature he is large in heart and love!

Willy underwent surgery at the Purdue Large Animal Vet Clinic earlier this month. Although they couldn't reduce the disclocation normally, they were able to trim the femur and reconstruct the joint -- which is wonderful, because the only alternative to a successful surgery is euthanasia.

He came back home on November 10. Willy is on oral pain medication and stall rest for the next 3-4 months to avoid any uneven footing while he is building the fibrous "joint" that will take the place of the original hip joint. We will rotate keeping his friends (Janice and Hershey) from his turnout area overnight in nearby stalls so he isn't alone. He is making great progress and walking up and down the aisle with some confidence.

We are nearly to our fundraising goal to cover this unexpected expense. Willy's total vet bills for this injury are slightly less than $2300, and we also need a little more for rehabilitation, so our goal is $2500. (Anything raised not spent directly on vet bills will go towards his medications and feed.). You can donate through the Facebook page or our regular Donate page if you want to contribute.

His human friends can e-mail Therapeion to make an appointment to visit. We don't want to wear him out with too many visitors until he is stronger!

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