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At Therapeion, our focus is the healing nature therapeutic horsemanship. Safety is a very high priority at Therapeion and we abide by all PATH International safety and training standards.  Our instructors are certified through PATH International, so you can be sure that you or your rider are receiving the best the industry has to offer.

We serve White, Tippecanoe, and all surrounding counties.  Our service area includes Lafayette and West Lafayette, Monticello, Fowler, Frankfort, Brookston, and many other towns and cities.  In 2022, we have 198 classes scheduled. We expect to serve almost 150 participants in 2022, and are focused on growing our organization so we can offer our programs to more people in the future.


The need for programs such as ours is great. We provide professionally developed services that are highly valued by our constituents, offering healing of the body and mind through equine-assisted programs and the interaction and connection with a horse. Learning to work with horses builds confidence and raises self-esteem, and encourages stretching and strengthening of underused and underdeveloped muscles. It also helps develop gross and fine motor skills, and improves self-awareness and range of motion.

Three Year Strategic Plan

Drawing on the findings from the work done by the Board of Directors, led by an independent consultant, the leadership has identified the follow three-year vision for TTRC’s growth and sustainability:


                 By 2025, Therapeion Therapeutic Riding Center will have developed a plan to secure the facilities needed to support our                    programs and services, and will have established an organizational structure to support growth and create sustainability.



The following goals have been determined to help us meet our vision for the future:

Goal 1 – Enhance the capacity of the Board of Directors.

Goal 2 – Establish a diverse and sustainable income base.

Goal 3 – Assess efficiencies and management needs related to programs and services.


The following priorities have been determined to help us meet our vision for the future:

Priority #1

Focus on maintaining program quality to ensure sustainable and impactful services.

Priority #2

Prepare for business continuity and expansion while retaining and developing top talent.

Priority #3

Establish a sustainable financial model that will scale to support expansion.

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