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It’s time for the Therapeion Derby!

The Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, and the Belmont Stakes comprise Thoroughbred racing's Triple Crown.  This year the Kentucky Derby will be held on May 6th, the Preakness will be run on May 20th, and the Belmont Stakes will be on June 10th.

Therapeion is having our own Derby. You, our horses, and our volunteers will team up and compete against other teams to win our Derby. It's a fun way to raise money for Therapeion! Therapeion riders, present and past, can sign up as "jockeys". You will select your horse from the list of Therapeion horses below.  You may also recruit your own "lead trainer". The lead trainer must be 18 years or older.  If you don't have a friend or family member that would like to serve as a lead trainer- one of our wonderful volunteers will fill that spot. If you have someone else that would like to be on your team, then add a third team member in an "assistant trainer" role. There is no age requirement for that position.

Your team's mission is to race to raise the most money for Therapeion. The team that raises the most donations to Therapeion between the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont wins!  What's more, Therapeion wins too!  Each horse costs us over $350 a month to feed, stable, and maintain, and all funds raised in the Derby will go directly to help feed and care for the horses. Prizes will be awarded for win, place, and show (1st, 2nd, and 3rd places) along with items for all participants.

How to Enter

  1. Teams will be made up of 2-3 people and a horse. Each team is required to have a lead trainer and a jockey. A third member could be added as an assistant trainer. Lead trainers must be 18 years of age or older (no age requirements for the asst. trainer). Every team will invite supporters to help them raise funds, and there is no limit on cheering sections to spread the word!

  2. Each team of riders should choose three of Therapeion’s horses, in order of preference, that they would be like to “race.”  (The horses are shown in the gallery below.)

  3. The team leader should fill out the entry form on this page, (see below) and submit it by noon on April 28th.

  4. Therapeion staff will assign teams to the horses, and promise to try our best to accommodate your preferences.  

  5. If there are more teams than listed horses, we may fill in with some other horses from Shepard Stable.  

  6. On May 5th at 6pm we will start our race by activating the online race!  

How the Race Works

  1. Between May 5th and June 10th  each team will solicit donations to  the Therapeion’s Derby campaign.  Details on how to do so will be sent out and explained on our web site. Team totals will be tallied and posted on a leaderboard once daily to track your placing. More information will be shared with teams before May 6th.

  2. Donations may be tax deductible.  We're not tax experts, but donations to a registered charity usually are.

  3. Teams can collect donations on-line on the Therapeion website, or off-line (e.g., cash, checks). On-line donations can be tracked in real time, while off-line donations will need to be received by Therapeion to be counted towards your totals and can be sent snail mail or dropped off at Shepard Stable.

  4. The “race” ends at 6pm on June 10th.

  5. *NOTE* Any off-line contributions must be received by Therapeion no later than 6pm on June 10th or they will  not be included in the final totals. This will affect win-place-show-rankings.

  6. Total amounts collected will determine the winners. The team that gets the largest donation total will win the Derby! Second and third place teams will also be recognized.

  7. We encourage teams to post on social media and send photos for us to post on our sites to encourage donors.

  8. You can print and distribute flyers or you can pick some up at the Therapeion classroom.

Other Rules

  • Winners will be announced on June 12th.

  • Everyone should have fun with this! 


If you have any questions, address them to

Therapeion's Horses

Which horse is going to be a part of your championship team?  (Click on a picture to expand the description.)


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Therapeion Derby Entry Form
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Thanks for registering! We'll be in touch.

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