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Libby Marks-Shepard Equine Fund

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” 
  ― Winston Churchill


Please consider a gift to our newly created Libby Marks-Shepard Equine Fund to honor our founder as she heads into retirement. This gift fund will go to cover the costs associated with boarding and caring for our horses. Our goal is to continue building on what Libby has created and we need your help.

Donations of any amount are always welcome, but to give you someplace to start, the following expenses are guideposts in caring for the Therapeion herd.

$4,500: One horse's care for a year (feed, board, vet care, etc)

$3,000: Feeds all of our horses for a year!
$1,250: One veterinary visit for our horses (2 visits/year)
$450: Covers horses' medications & supplements for a full year

$360: Covers a farrier visit for all of our horses (6 visits/year)
$250: Feeds all of our horses for one month

You may send a check to the address below or make a payment with your credit card by selecting the "donate" button.

For winter of 2019–2020, our biggest needs are:

  • Hay for the horses (bales or loose)

  • Sponsorship of rider scholarships (via cash donations)

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