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The Therapeion Derby is underway!!

Use the links below to head over to our fundraiser website and donate to help your favorite jockey's team make it to the finish line in first place!

Derby Teams

Check out all our derby teams listed here or go to our fundraiser website by clicking the button below!

50/50 Raffle!

The Therapeion Derby Fundraiser also hosts a 50/50 Raffle to give all our generous donors a chance to win!

Daily Standings

See where your favorite team is running with updates every evening for fresh results each and every morning!

Donate to your favorite Derby Team!

The team with the most donations when the finish line arrives wins the Therapeion Derby!


Team Carly!

Jockey: Carly

Horse: Lyle

Trainer: Kathy


Team Paisley!

Jockey: Paisley

Horse: Tucker

Trainers: Tracy & Kylie


Team Parker!

Jockey: Parker

Horse: Buddy

Trainer: Beth


Team Luna!

Jockey: Luna

Horse: Flashy

Trainer: Ginny


Team Michael!

Jockey: Michael
Horse: Popeye

Trainer: Mike


Team Lulu!

Jockey: Lulu

Horse: Ben

Trainer: Dennis


Team Amanda!

Jockey: Amanda

Horse: Bear

Trainer: Gail


Team Kenna!

Jockey: Kenna

Horse: Phoebe

Trainers: Kate & Kilen


Team Josephine!

Jockey: Josephine
Horse: Duke

Trainers: Linda & Charity


Team Kaomi!

Jockey: Kaomi

Horse: Janis Joplin

Trainer: Holly

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