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At Therapeion we believe our participants deserve the best, including using only PATH Intl certified instructors. PATH Intl instructor certification assures your instructor is trained to provide THERAPEUTIC RIDING and HORSEMANSHIP, not just "riding". ​

Our riders participate in such equine activities as grooming and tacking their horse to their level of ability and learning basic riding skills. Horseback riding has many well documented benefits, including:


        • Improving balance and coordination

        • Improving posture

        • Strengthening muscles 

        • Providing passive stretch for tight muscles

        • Increasing awareness of one’s body in space 

        • Improving range of motion

        • Replicating a muscle movement pattern of walking

        • Stimulating the vestibular, nervous and circulatory systems

        • Refining gross and fine motor skills

In addition to the above physical benefits, therapeutic riding activities offer emotional and cognitive benefits, such as:

        • Increasing the ability to focus and stay on task

        • Reinforcing standards of behavior

        • Teaching trust through the rider/horse and rider/volunteer bonds

        • Teaching problem solving skills

        • Promoting responsibility and cooperation

        • Increasing self-confidence and self-discipline

        • Increasing self-esteem and pride


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